1790s Log Home Restored


One of the oldest structures remaining in Ohio just happens to be a hardwood log home. This structure has a mixture of oak, cherry, maple, and hickory as it's shell. All indigenous to Ohio of course. No kits spiels, no marketing. Just a hand forged ax, an adz, shaping standing trees, into this product, fueled by the belief of a better life.Although the 2 wings were added, and the home was relocated, the original log house is 220 years old! This home had some rotted logs which treated for dy-rot and then refaced with reclaimed, hand hewn timbers that were over a century old, to match the existing structure.

After the rot was addressed the paints were removed via glass media blasting which is more abrasive than corn cob blasting to remove acrylics and paints. The logs and all wood serfaces received a multi step wash to kill mold spores, brighten the wood, and bring a neutral pH balance to insure the proper performance of the log home finishes.The logs were preserved against fungi, dry rot and borates, and 3 coats of Lovitt's Emerald Gold log home  finish was applied to protect against moisture.​

Of all the log homes we have restored and refinished in Ohio and Pa.  this has been the oldest of our growing list of log home restorations.