Thanks for checking out our website. Here is a little about us, and what is important to us.

Thanks for checking out our website, we hope it was informative and inspiring. My name is Ray Wengerd, I am the founder and owner of Town & Country Log Homes, and as I am sure you have discovered by now, I have a passion for extraordinary houses. Whether it is made of stone, wood, or clay, structures made of natural materials offer a charm that can not be copied. The building industry has spent billions of dollars trying, but they can only come up with a cheap replication often made out of recycled materials, such as those diapers you threw out last month. And while recycling and productivity is extremely important in our world, authenticity can never be copied, whether it is personality, or houses. I really believe that every house has it's own personality. So knowing that my home was manufactured from something that was formed from mother earth's resources, seems like an inheritance to me.

As a construction company, we got started in 2005. We have acquired a niche in home restoration, which is partially due to the housing collapse, but mostly it has to do with our destiny. When you restore old structures back to originality, you understand better the value of quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

As of 2011 we are now designing houses for more than just our construction projects. We will design the interior of any home upon customer request. After the initial design process we will send them out to you as a set of preliminary prints, where a contractor can generate a bid from. Once you have decided to go through with the project, we then take the preliminary prints to a state certified architect and acquire a stamped set of prints for your contractor to begin pulling building permits. We can also give you completely customized plans that are derived from photos and your ideas.

We really hope to earn your business, and much emphasis on earn. We really try to make the extra effort to create an experience that is pleasant for our clients. We do that by offering detailed plans and or specs, and drawings and continuing improved communications, so that the client is fully aware of what he/she is getting prior to any long term commitment. Even more than that, we understand that without customers that return back to us and refer us to prospects, we have no future in this industry. Frankly, we intend to be around for decades.

We thank you for taking the time to discover us, and hope we can be a part of creating your dream home. Or bring back to life the one you have!
Sincerely, Raymond Wengerd